The Grantham Prize for Environmental Journalism

A winner from the Archives:

2006 Winner: Toxic Legacy

2006 Winner: Toxic Legacy

Ten journalists at The Record of Bergen County, NJ, spent eight months investigating the actions of Ford, government officials and even the Mob in exposing residents of the woodlands of northern New Jersey to millions of gallons of toxic paint sludge carrying lead, arsenic and other dangerous containments.

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Grantham Prize Winners Tell Their Stories


2012 -- Our Dying Forests

Brandon Loomis, Rick Egan, David Noyce, The Salt Lake Tribune 

2011 -- Seeing the Wood

James Astill, The Economist


2010 -- Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis

Alanna Mitchell, Author and Journalist


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2009 -- The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and America's Schools

Blake Morrison and Brad Heath, USA TODAY

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2008 -- Choking on Growth

James Yardley, David Barboza, Keith Bradsher, Howard French, Joseph Kahn, Mark Landler, Chang W. Lee, Jimmy Lang, The New York Times

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