The Grantham Prize for Environmental Journalism

A winner from the Archives:

2010 Winner: Alanna Mitchell

2010 Winner: Alanna Mitchell

Journalist and author Alanna Mitchell reported a largely unexamined ecological crisis in her book, Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis. Mitchell traveled the world to join scientists in the field as they studied the ocean's "vital signs." Her beautiful writing makes for an engaging, accessible, and authoritative account of the science behind the story.

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Honoring The Grantham Prize Winners

Each year, winners of The Grantham Prize and the Award of Special Merit recipients were honored at The Grantham Prize Seminar. During this event the winners discussed their stories, giving an insider's perspective on the effort needed to report and craft exceptional environmental journalism. This rare opportunity to hear winners discuss their stories at length has been an inspiration for veteran journalists and non-journalists, alike.



2010 Grantham Prize Seminar Video

2009 Grantham Prize Seminar Video

2008 Grantham Prize Seminar Video