Water Flosser Buying Guide

best water flosser

There are many water flossers in the market, and they are not created equal. With the many varieties, it might be difficult selecting the best. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the considerations you should make in the selection of water flossers. Read on.


  • Water flossers can be basic and customizable. Note that, flossers with more features tend to be more expensive. In simple terms, you will get what you pay for. Some of the common water flosser features include:
  • Tip attachments- some water flossers come with one tip which is enough if you are the only one using it. However, if you want the flosser to be shared among your family members, you should get a tip for everyone. There are other flossers which come with specialized kits like those designed for people with braces.
  • Pressure control- water flossers with speed and pressure control allows the users to set what works for them. This feature works well for families with children or people with sensitive gums. It is also important if you can increase the pressure of your flosser when you have gotten used to. However, it is best if you started with low pressure and noted how it feels to your gums.
  • Timer- read the water flosser manual for a guide on how long it should be used. Flossers with a timer allow flossing for the required time.
  • Rotating heads- it might not be easy to reach the hard to reach parts of your mouth with water flossers. To take care of those parts, some timers come with rotating heads making it easy to reach every part of the mouth.


You are buying water flossers to keep your mouth clean; this can only be achieved if you keep it as clean as possible. Some water flossers are easier to clean than others. Some of the models are waterproof, and they can be washed in the sink. Other brands can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Whichever the cleaning method you are going to use, ensure that you keep your water flosser clean and organized.


We cannot all be financially equal, and water flossers are available at different prices. You can get some from as little as $20 while others cost up to $ 150. Your needs and financial capabilities should determine the flosser you buy. If you have braces or other special needs, it will be worth it to spend more to get specialized water flossers. If you are buying for the basic needs, cheaper models with two tips will work well for you. You can seek what your dentist’s favorites water flossers are for perfect selection.