The Grantham Prize for Environmental Journalism

A winner from the Archives:

2006 Winner: Toxic Legacy

2006 Winner: Toxic Legacy

Ten journalists at The Record of Bergen County, NJ, spent eight months investigating the actions of Ford, government officials and even the Mob in exposing residents of the woodlands of northern New Jersey to millions of gallons of toxic paint sludge carrying lead, arsenic and other dangerous containments.

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Encouraging Exceptional Environmental Journalism

Each year the Grantham Prize Jury selected up to three entries to receive Awards of Special Merit. Each entry recognized in this category received US$5,000, and there was no ranking among the recipients of this honor. The prize jury typically used the Awards of Special Merit to highlight work that goes beyond the norm for its medium.

2012 Awards of Special Merit

  • Gary Marcuse, Betsy Carson, & Shi Lihong UNC Coal Team
    The full UNC News21 team
  • University of North Carolina News21 Fellows
  • Paul Greenberg

2011 Awards of Special Merit

  • Jeff Goodell
  • Associated Press Investigative Team

2010 Awards of Special Merit

  • Dan Egan
  • Cleo Paskal PoisonedWaters filming
  • Hedrick Smith Productions for PBS Frontline

2009 Awards of Special Merit

  • Tad Fettig, Karena Albers, & Veronique Bernard
  • Andrew Nikiforuk
  • Susanne Rust & Meg Kissinger

2008 Awards of Special Merit

  • Dinah Voyles Pulver NPR 2008-Rebecca
  • Alison Richards & David Malakoff
  • Ed Struzik

2007 Awards of Special Merit

  • Eugene Linden
  • East Oregonian Publishing Company
  • DOX Production for NOVA/WGBH and the BBC

2006 Awards of Special Merit

  • Douglas Fischer Daily Astorian website
  • Elizabeth Kolbert
  • John Sherman & Beau Kershaw